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My house in Frisco Hills is still not even a slab cut. We were told our home was going to be built since last March.

Same some different music. They are having problems getting people to work for them because they don't pay the workers fairly. We even found out that they never paid people that worked for them on deferent projects. Grand Homes needs to be sued to teach them a lesson.

They pay cheap on all labor aspects. They lie to you their superintendents needs to be fired. We drove in the Frisco Hills and other areas they are building it seems as if their superintendents just want to set on their *** in the in the construction trailers and not check on their job. They have very poor managent teams in the field.

It seems like their field management seemed to have deals on the side with contractors that are coming in. Maybe some of them are getting a kick back from some of the contractors on that they hire. They hire their friends and get a kick back. I went to another builder and we were in a meeting.

This gentlemen came and politely asked to see if the builder we were talking with had to stop for these gentlemen that came into the model home and respectedly gave the gentlemen the builders phone number. Grand Home management never even stop to try to help someone when we were at their sales office.I believe that gentlemen was honest people and they were just looking for some type of work. I saw the card on the table where they left their information and it had a photo of a hard hat with an eagle on it and it had a word American somewhere on the card. They really looked as if they really are hard working people and would do a great job and maybe things would get done.

If someone can find these guys I'd buy my own land and let them build my home. Grand Homes is not so Grand on customer service and management in the field. Please someone find those guys I mentioned. One of them is some short Hispanic guy and two tall white mails that looked as if they were the owners or something.

But if anyone finds them I'd rather pay them to build my home and tell my friends. I'd rather buy my own land and build my own home. My husband says the card said American Constructors Services or so he says. But anyway if you see those guys or recognize their cards please post it on here.

They seemed really nice people and looks very honest and someone you can trust. A smaller company in mine and my husbands eyes would do a better job than that of a larger company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Grand Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Frisco, Texas, United States #1224941

I agree, material used in the house is very cheep.

Plumbing all plastic, no copper wire

Wood Floor, stain only, no shining coat

Bathrooms tiles are there but finish looks like a rookie has installed it not painted to look professional.


We can build your home on your land for less than Grand can. We'll even design the home.

Just get some land, a construction loan and a title company.

We'll handle the rest. ghostrider1529@charter.net

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